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The Silence

Meditation is beneficial. It helps relieve stress and anxiety which in turn helps us experience deeper levels of peace and tranquility. It quiets the mind and improves concentration. We are not fully conscious of the amount of self-defeating thoughts that go through the mind when it is allowed to run rampant. This monkey chatter creates a lot of negativity and stress in our lives which creates problems, which in turn creates more self-defeating thoughts. This can become a closed loop that perpetuates itself. Taking the time to sit down everyday and devote time for meditation can help us greatly reduce this seeming incessant stream of noise coming from the mind. This will help us experience deeper levels of serenity. This inner peace can help us be happier and more productive because we will be in a state of more relaxed flow instead of tense resistance. The artwork expresses a sense of silence and stillness.

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The Silence artwork

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