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Reason, Season or Lifetime

There are certain people who were meant to come into our life at a certain time in our life. These people are unlike any other. We know who they are. Even if they're no longer in our life, they have left their mark indelibly in our heart. They've had such a profound effect on us that's so undeniable. These encounters can feel life-altering. Some people call them soulmates. We can have more than one soulmate. And they’re not always going to show up as romantic partners, but they often do. Soulmate relationships aren't always positive and pleasant. At times they can be very difficult and challenging emotionally triggering deep things within us that are not fun to deal with. They’re the ones who can push our buttons and make us feel the most, reflecting back to us everything that we need to work on so that we can learn, grow and evolve into higher levels of development. “A soulmate is the one person whose love is powerful enough to motivate you to meet your soul, to do the emotional work of self discovery, of awakening.” -Kenny Loggins. Sometimes soulmates aren’t meant to always stay in our life. They were there to give us a gift. Once their work is done, separation occurs. Even after they're gone they will never be forgotten. Reason-season-lifetime... People come into our life for a reason. Some stay for a season. And others for a lifetime.

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Reason, Season or Lifetime artwork

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