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"We are all Artists Weaving the Web of our Lives"™

Although many people have a fear of spiders there is so much we can learn from them. We can appreciate the things they can teach us. Spiders are extremely artistic and creative in the way they spin their webs. Different spiders will spin different types of webs. They can spin these fabulously beautiful webs which are undoubtedly a work of art.

Spiders have an unfathomable amount of feminine energy which is the creative life force of the universe. Spider energy is an astonishing display of awe-inspiring genius and artistically creative engineering.

Spiders have 8 legs and 8 is the number of abundance. The number 8 turned on its side forms the symbol of infinity or eternity. This symbolizes infinite abundance and creativity. Spiders teaches us that connecting with our creativity is connecting us with the Source of all life and into a deep well of abundance. And spiders creativity can remind us to look for creative solutions to problems. Spiders have great patience. They spin their webs in a complex design that takes a long time. They are very strategic and deliberate in their work. They are not impatient, rushing, hurried or frantic. The spider’s work is not completed after spinning its web. She sits there and waits patiently until something comes into the web. The lesson here for creative people is that our artworks take time to develop. A drawing or painting is similar to a spider’s web. It is composed of many strands, lines of a pencil or strokes of a paint brush that has been put together in a deliberate way to form an image that has meaning for the observer of the artwork. The more detailed and intricate the artwork, the more it takes time to create. And it takes time for others to realize and appreciate the value of our creative work. This does not necessarily mean that our artworks are not good enough. This is important for us to understand if our creative efforts are unreceived and have gone unnoticed. It takes time to build our brand and for people to get to know who we are and what our work stands for. And so because it takes time, another lesson that spider teaches us is persistence. Spider webs are one of the strongest substances, but they are also thin and easily damaged. The spider will often have to re-spin its web again and again, over and over. Similarly it will take persistent efforts on our part grow our brand and market our work. Another feature of spiders that go along with their 8 legs is their 8 eyes. This demonstrates their intuition and all-encompassing holistic vision. They are able to see what might not be so obvious and the ability to see the big picture and how things fit into the whole. When the spider starts working on her web there is nothing there, but within her is the pattern of the web she desires to create. The spider has a vision in her mind of what her web is going to look like and then she sets out to very deliberately begin to build it. Strand by strand she takes the actions necessary to create that beautiful outcome. We can think of this as our goals and dreams. This is the meaningful and purposeful life that we desire to weave. Once the spider has her web up, she sits quietly in the center of her web and patiently waits. She trusts and has faith that the web she has carefully created will eventually bring in what she desires. Spiders have sensitivity. When the spider sits quietly and waits in her web she is highly sensitive to even the slightest movement. The spider web is a network. It is a symbol of the interconnectedness of all things. We are all energetically connected to each other in the web of life and any action that we take is going to have a ripple effect and affect everything else around us.

Quantum physics recognizes the interconnection of all things, not only in the physical, but in the energetic sense. We exist in an energy field and we are so much more connected than we even know. "Humankind has not woven the web of life. We are but one thread within it. Whatever we do to the web, we do to ourselves. All things are bound together. All things connect." -Chief Seattle If you are a creative entrepreneur or “ARTrepreneur” as some now call it, you have a desire in growing your brand, connections, and in spreading the web of your influence. Many creatives are highly sensitive people or HSP’s. You have a sensitive awareness of how important it is to build your network or your web and collaborate with other artists. You are sensitive to the knowledge that we are all interconnected with each other in the web of life and our actions affect each other. As we connect, network and influence each other positively we create energetic ripples that will eventually reach and help many others on their journey in ways we may not as of yet even fully realize. Spiders can be scary and they can symbolize the fear of the unknown. Spiders teaches us that the web that we desire to weave, meaning the things we want to create may seem impossible. It may seem daunting, overwhelming and crazy to put our faith in this tiny spider thread of hope or tiny little thread of a new beginning. It is good to keep in mind that many successful ventures did not start out big. They had small humble beginnings. It is important to be persistent, to keep working with it and focus on the love of what you are doing and the joy you are experiencing in the moment instead of thinking about having it all done. Try to avoid thinking about the enormous amount of time and effort it is going to take to weave the web you desire. Instead focus in on the present moment on whatever task you are doing right now. And do it with the love, joy and passion you have for your cherished craft and appreciating the beauty of it. As a creative entrepreneur, even if you are not where you desire to be as far as your career and financial goals and still have a ways to go on your art journey before you get there, but every time you are weaving a strand of your web, every time you are creating an artwork and sharing it with others you are in that moment already living your dream. You are experiencing the satisfaction and fulfillment of doing what you love. Whether or not you identify yourself as an artist, even if you have never sketched, drawn or painted anything ever in your life, you are still an artist. "The artist is not a special kind of person; rather each person is a special kind of artist." -Ananada Coomaraswamy

An artist is a creator and in every moment of time we are each of us drawing, painting and creating our life on the canvas of reality through the Law of Attraction with our thoughts, feelings, beliefs, actions and choices.

Meaningful Lines Art®

You are perfect... “You are a perfect reflection of all the choices you have made. If you want better results, make better choices.” Spider webs can represent being caught and entangled in the web of our own unwise choices that we have made in the past. If you don't like the web of your life that you've created so far, you can change it. You can make different choices. And every choice we make in the present moment is weaving a strand in the web our future. We begin to realize, or in other words begin to see with “real eyes” that the more we make that same choice, the more we are reinforcing and strengthening that strand of the web of our life that we are creating. If you want to see your future take a good look at your daily life. Become conscious at what you are mentally focusing on and the things you are doing every day on a regular basis. The choices we make and the actions we take on a daily basis is a microcosm of the future life we are creating.

"Life is an ever emergent creative process. Our facts, beliefs, assumptions, choices, actions, and words are the tools we are using to invent our experiences and circumstances. Now you're doing this whether you are aware of it or not. So you're either going to create what you desire by focusing yourself in that direction or you're going to default and unconsciously duplicate the old story over and over again. But we can't get away from that fact. Most of us live as though there were a future "out there" somewhere that we will one day just bump into at some designated and preordained time. The truth is the our lives are a creative work in progress." -Katherine Woodward Thomas

Live life by default or by design. If we're not consciously creating our life by design, then life will unconsciously create it for us by default. Whether we are consciously creating and attracting the things we desire or we are unconsciously creating the things we do not want, but one thing is for certain... We are always creating. In every moment of every day we are always in the creation process, co-creating with the Universe. Being aware of this we can embark on the spiritual awakening journey, the journey within ourselves. It is the path of self-discovery and self-mastery. And we can learn to consciously create the amazing life we desire and deserve, manifest our goals and actualize our dreams.

Become a dream weaver and a conscious creator. Consciously create yourself and weave your life into a beautiful tapestry, a work of art that you can admire and be proud of.

Meaningful Lines Art®

"We are all Artists Weaving the Web of our Lives"™

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