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Gemini Twin Soul

Gemini is the ultimate duality consciousness. They are ruled by the dual sign of the twins. They are the misfit of the astrology who makes no apology. Mischievous Gemini have a twinkle in their eyes, enjoys reading and likes to talk with their hands.

The Gemini element is air and is ruled by the planet mercury which governs communication. Because of their dual nature, Gemini are often fickle, flighty, capricious and ride a wild emotional roller coaster rocketing upwards into the sky one moment and then plunging down into the abyss the next. For those who can keep up with this unpredictable and volatile energy, it’s one heck of a ride.

If you are born under Gemini, you may feel like an important part of you, you're other half is missing. You can feel a hole in your soul, unlike anything you can explain.

The tarot card that represents Gemini is the lovers and it's said that they are always looking for their other half. You may try to find that other half through different partners. It’s as if you are trying to find your energetic twin.

Gemini are all or nothing kind of lovers. There is no halfway for them. They are on a lifelong quest to find their other half until they meet "The One" their missing twin who matches their energy. Gemini craves the twin soul connection and kindred spirit energy.

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Gemini Twin Soul artwork

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