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Love Swans 22

The number 2 symbolizes the couple and the double, the polarity and the duality, the yin and the yang, and harmonious union. The number 22 represents partnerships and relationships, the balance between the light and the darkness, and the balance between the masculine and the feminine. It's the number of balance, equilibrium, harmony and love between complementary, interconnected and interdependent forces in the Universe.

When we are in the growth phase and making progress on the spiritual awakening journey the frequent seeing of repeating patterns of the number 2 is very important. It's the number of cooperation, collaboration, companionship and couples. The Master Number 22 is a special number that symbolizes divine union.

The number 22 is a message that two parallel events are aligned and the Universe is pulling the strings behind the scenes in order to bring you and your divine complement closer to each other. The Universe desires you and your divine counterpart to come together and enter into a spiritual relationship in order to achieve and experience harmonious union with each other.

The frequent appearance of the number 22 is a message of reassurance that we are on the right track on this journey and to remain hopeful and keep strong in the faith in times of struggle. We have planted the seeds of desire of what we wish to attract with the Universe and now we must nourish those seeds to help them grow strong.

The number 22 offers the powerful hope of reconciliation with our divine partner if we’re currently experiencing separation from them or that we will meet our them if we’ve never met. It’s a good omen which reveals that reuniting with our divine counterpart is imminent and often happens in unexpected circumstances.

If we’ve never met our divine counterpart, angel number 22 inspires us to become spiritually engaged on the spiritual path in order to attract our beloved. The Universe helping us in this process and encouraging us to remain faithful and true to our life path and soul’s calling in order to fulfill our life purpose and soul mission.

The energies of angel number 22 is magnetizing you and your conscious spiritual partner to each other. So keep feeling deep confidence, trust, faith and appreciation for the frequent appearance of this number in your life. This number is an external confirmation that your beloved is not far from you. They are nearby and you need to keep having great faith and believe that you are going to meet.

People have often reported that when they first met “The One” it's an experience of an instant and deep spiritual connection. It is said that there is a feeling that you have experienced a timeless connection that spans from the ages as if you've known them from an eternity, even though you have met them just now.

However, this conscious relationship is not always easy. Challenges will come up from time to time. The number 22 can be viewed in the sense that this supernatural connection can sometimes feel like a catch-22... a conundrum, dilemma or difficult circumstance from which there is no escape because of mutually conflicting or dependent conditions.

Because you and your divine partner are always united and connected with each other, if you're experiencing challenges in your union you are, in a way, forced to deal with the situation and even though you may try to run away and escape from the connection physically, emotionally or spiritually, but you can never truly get away since you and your divine counterpart are always one, spiritually married to each other on a soul level.

So, this awakened relationship and supernatural connection can at times feel like a catch-22... a frustrating paradoxical situation because you can never really shut down the connection or cut the cords with your divine partner. You can never truly spiritually "divorce" your divine counterpart in your heart. If you try to sever the connection with them you are severing the connection to yourself, to your own soul, because you and your divine counterpart are one. Anything that you do to them in thought, word or deed you are doing to yourself for better or for worse.

So even though this metaphysical connection can sometimes feel like a spiritual ball and chain of the worst kind, but this is a good thing because it ensures that you are destined and will eventually come together with your beloved, overcome the challenges that are causing disharmony, and heal the blocks that are keeping the two of you separate so that you can experience harmonious union.

The challenges are all meant for your good because they are there to help you learn and grow individually and as a couple, so that you can become the highest and greatest version of yourself. Your divine counterpart is your sacred mirror reflecting back to you your unresolved issues and they will come into your life to help you heal, learn, grow, develop, evolve and expand on the spiritual awakening journey so that you can experience harmonious union and ascend into higher consciousness.

My intention in creating this artwork is to show the love, balance, harmony between the complementing principles and cosmic energies of the divine masculine and the divine feminine in harmonious union. The two swans facing each other forms the number 22 facing each other. The space in between the swans/22 forms a heart.

I then decided to create a yin and yang symbol for the heart to show the great and deep unconditional love the divine masculine and the divine feminine have and feel for each other. Initially I was going to create a sunset in the background, but then I decided that I would do the same thing that I did with the heart. I turned the sunset into a sun and moon, light and darkness, yin and yang symbol.

Originally I was going to type the words Love Swans 22 using an image editor, but I then decided to create it myself. I was going to draw each word in print form, but it proved to be a lot more rigid and difficult. So I then decided to draw each word in script form which is more free flowing and easier. I then got the idea of getting creative with some the letters. I took the letter "o" in Love and created a yin and yang symbol, and the letter "v" and turned it into a heart.

The heart has a ribbon around it with the words Union as in the connection between love and the harmonious union. And then I placed a purple flower on the upper right hand corner of the heart. The color violet/purple has often been associated with the crown chakra and higher consciousness. I took the letter "s" in Swans and created it into a swan. The title of the artwork Love Swans fittingly ends with the number 22.

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Love Swans 22 artwork